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Enjoyed some premo family time this weekend.  Love the Holidays when it all comes together.  
Especially since it’s been so…. off lately.  The husband has been trying and doing good things for us.  He’s made himself available and is communicating nicely 🙂

I had to hang out with the in-laws this weekend and it was surprisingly fun.  Everyone got along, no fighting or drama.  It was nice!

I’m thinking of Frank lots.  His face isn’t far from my mind.  Even when things are going well. When I’m alone (for the 2 minutes I get alone time a day!) I think of him.  It makes me happy to think of him and I’m filled with wonder when we’ll get to talk or see each other again.  

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen Mr G.  He’s been on vacation with this wife.  They don’t have kids yet so they can pick up and go on cruises and beaches at the drop of a dime!!  I’ve laid off of him since my TM (transverse myelitis) has taken over my life.  I don’t like to call attention to it and I know he’d never let it go.  He’s been a very sweet & charming gentleman though and his thoughtfulness melts my heart some times.  

Now…  to see what the new year brings us all!! 😉