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I’m back in the two week wait.   My temps are all elevated and if I read my chart correctly I can tell you that I “O’d” insanely early and in no way anticipated this.  Especially since this stupid condition/diagnosis.  I’ve had a horrible time trying to workout and I feel like  blob to begin with so this is something else.  Anyway, it’s not like I didn’t know this could happen because when you don’t use any sort of contraceptive you kind of have to assume a great deal of risk right?  Yes.  But this month I actually WAS paying attention to the temps & signs but they all happened like a week in advance and have never happened that early ever in my life.  So I’m pleading ignorance.  At least for now 😉

I’m more then excited if this is it for us.  My kids want another baby here.  My husband does most days!  There is just a whole lot of change that will need to happen here and that I’m not looking forward to.  The kids will have to double up and I’ll need a new vehicle.  I hate car shopping!!

But if it’s not, I’m OK with that, too.  I’m not sure how much longer we’ll go before I tell the boy to get fixed.  At some point I’ll be over it and no longer want to do the baby thing.  I’ll see a baby and probably want one but then the reality of my life will probably take over those thoughts and I’ll be over it again!