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I’m huge.  I’m allegedly 7w6d and I’m huge.  I can’t hide this sucker for much longer and I don’t go to the doctor for another week.  My parents are out of state on vacation so I’d like to tell them first before announcing it to the world but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  Well, in person anyway.  A phone call will have to do.  I’m simply huge.  I don’t understand b/c I was still in normal clothes until around week 20 with the others.  This one is just a mystery.  It could be that I’m really going to be 11-12 weeks but I doubt it.  It still doesn’t add up to the belly that I have.  Ughhhh….. 

That said I am enjoying this one.  Well between the bouts of nausea and me wanting to pass out at any give second.  It’s getting worse which makes me believe even more I really am only a day shy of 8 weeks.  If I was further along these symptoms would have subsided by now, not just peaked.  At any rate I am taking it all in this time because this will be our last.  I am happy to have one more opportunity to do it like this since the last one I was so miserable with.  

We are in the middle of the name game.  We can’t figure out what to name this child and we can’t agree on anything.  We are team green throughout the pregnancy.  Waiting to hear the doctor say “It’s a _____!” is what really pushes me through labor!  I am so filled with anticipation of if we having another boy or another girl that it keeps me going and lessens the pain.  No, I’m not the epidural type.  I’m a nervous nellie when it comes to labor so I’m a pacer.  I’ve completed miles (It seems!) around L&D wings at the hospital.  This girl does NOT sit a bed and wait for things to start!

OK – back to being huge.  I’m normally a small chested woman.  I have no boobs.  Except for when I’m pregnant.  These suckers get huge.  Well, huge for me and it’s awesome!!  My husband isn’t a boob guy so much but even he appreciates them a bit 🙂  So right now they are starting to take shape and I’m pretty happy about that.  

The other part of me that is huge.  My hands.  They swell and it’s annoying.  I retain water like no other when I’m pregnant and if I don’t drink 80 oz of water at a minimum, rest assured I will look like the lady with the giant hands in the morning.  It’s awful.  It’s the worst part.  Some mornings I can hardly bend my fingers.  Gross.