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I had the morning to myself yesterday to get through some things.  I had an appointment that was messed up by the front desk of the office I needed to go to so that opened my morning up even wider.  Feeling slightly annoyed with all it takes for me to find time to do this stuff and then find out someone just made a simple mistake and it completely threw me off.  Pregnancy hormones?!  Probably.  I tried not to look as annoyed as I was.  Not sure if it worked. 

Out of nowhere I hear my name.  It’s a comforting familiar voice and instantly my heart skips a beat.  It was Frank.  We’ve not spoken since my brush with transverse myelitis and the awfulness that came with it.  I had not expected to see him there.  I was completely caught off guard and I didn’t know what to say.  I was so completely annoyed just moments before this and now this beautiful man is standing not 5 feet away from me and suddenly I’m calm again.  But wait, he has no idea I’m pregnant and happy and…….. then he says it.  “Congratulations”.  His smile is huge, his eyes are gleaming, his voice is very empathetic and sincere.  I think he’s happy for me?  Really?  Not that I expected him to be upset about it because that would be even more odd then him being happy for me.  I was just so shocked and thrown off course by this whole situation that it took me a few moments to thank him and ask how he was doing.  I quickly finished my business at the office window and stepped away from them and closer to him.

We didn’t talk long because there isn’t much we can really say to each other in the presence of others.  He some how learned of our pregnancy, though I’m a bit curious as to how since we’ve not announced it yet.  We do have a mutual acquaintance that knows but even that’s a pretty far stretch.  Regardless, I spent a few moments in recent weeks trying to figure out if and when I was going to tell him.  I wasn’t sure how to bring it up.  I didn’t let it occupy my mind too much because it just really didn’t need to be that big of a deal.  

My heart is full when I see him.  I can feel a million physical changes in my body when he looks at me and when I hear his voice.  I can’t change it and I can’t stop it.  How does he do this?  I was happy to see him, grateful to hear his voice and relieved we saw each other the way we did.