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I slept great last night.  I thought with all of my drama from the day before that I might lay awake all night thinking.  Nope.  Hit the pillow and didn’t wake up for almost 8 hours.  That NEVER happens!!

The feelings/emotions from the night before didn’t waste any time coming to the forefront of  my mind.  I was still upset because I couldn’t believe I didn’t get a “sorry” or “do you want to talk about this?”.  Nothing.  I got the kids some breakfast and was asked why I wasn’t making a big breakfast for us all.  (I usually do this on Saturday’s but the kids wanted cereal instead.)  I mentioned that I would make him some eggs or something if that was good enough.  I didn’t get a response.  I made him 2 egg mcmuffin type sandwiches, which he ate and then promptly left the table.   Wow, “thank you for making me breakfast”??  That would be too much to ask.  After he asked me the same questions as the night before and I gave him the same answers for the second time it was clear I was annoyed already.  His comment “Well, I see you are a peach again today.”  Nice.  That is exactly what an annoyed pregnant lady needs to hear!

We decide to get some shopping done for the house and take the kids to the children’s museum for some fun.  I put on my happy face with the kids and plowed through the day.  I had fun with the kids.  The husband, well he tried to play nice with me and pretend that I wasn’t annoyed with him.  Really??  Can he not tell what is wrong?  Usually I can’t keep my mouth shut for long about this stuff but I was trying to figure out if he thought he did anything wrong.  Nothing.

After we got home we decided to tackle a few projects, separately of course.  I finished up to make dinner.  I haven’t talked to him unless it was absolutely necessary now because I don’t want to bring any of this up in front of the kids.  Again,  he says “It’s obvious your mood hasn’t changed.  Just the same peach as you were this morning.”  The night ended up awful with lots of yelling at the kids and throwing them in bed, both upset and crying.  The kids were awful but I HATE putting them to bed while we are all upset.  I like to give it a rest and then go in after a few minutes and discuss what the deal is.  Not tonight.  He didn’t even say good night to either of them.

Now here I sit trying to figure out how to bring this all up.  I’m waiting for the mood to settle down from the nightmare bedtime routine.  Great.  I really want a glass of wine…..