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We are still trying to figure out our new “agreements” on how we can better our marriage and not lose ourselves at the same time.  Recently he (husband) emailed me stating that his office was taking out one of the staff member’s to wish her farewell as she’s leaving the company.  My husband is traveling for the next few weeks and won’t be there on her last day.  He wanted to know if it was OK for him to attend.  I was (am?) slightly annoyed by his request.  Not because he’s going out but because he asks me like a child.  “Can I go?”  I know this is my pregnancy hormones talking.  But really?!  I couldn’t decide if he was intentionally asking me like that to get my attention or if he was being for real.  I responded with “your balls are in a box back home but sure have a cocktail for me.”  He never responded.  He later said he laughed.  Did he get my “joke”?  I won’t bring it up.  But we are continuing to work on our communication in all areas of importance.  He’s letting me know what his schedule is as much ahead of time as he can.  I’m trying to be more understanding and also trying to make more time for us.  I’m making the time, he’s making the plans.  It is a work in progress and it’s slow but hopefully this works.