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These early stages of pregnancy can be really annoying.  Not the pregnancy itself, but more so the people around you.  If you’ve ever been pregnant you know what I’m talking about.  

I’m allegedly 12 weeks along.  I am huge.  I’ve mentioned this before.  I look like I’m about 20 weeks.  Something’s not right and we’ve established that.  When I see someone who looks pregnant, my first thoughts are “don’t look at her belly” because it’s annoying.  I understand then when you first start to pop out or you first announce your pregnancy, people naturally gravitate towards your stomach.  I get it.  But how rude is it to stare??  It’s like someone who has huge boobs and the man is staring at them instead of looking at the woman’s face.  Really???  How big of a pervert are you that you can’t even control yourself enough NOT to stare at them?!!  Now I don’t mean a glance because if they are out on show, well, you’ll have to expect that.  I’m talking about the idiots who are staring or going back and forth b/t the face and the boobs.  

Today, in church (yes, even there), a man that is notorious for not looking at me when he talks to me but to my boobs continues his tradition.  When I’m not pregnant I’m a B cup at best.  So really…. nothing to see here!  I’m bigger now but still nothing that most people don’t have.  So Mr Pervert comes up to me to say a few words and now he’s confused.  He has not heard the word that I’m pregnant but can’t seem to focus on what he’d like to stare at more, my boobs or my large prego belly.  It’s a conundrum.  The entire time he’s talking to me, he’s switching back and forth between the two like he can’t figure it out.  I get so annoyed with him I walk away.  I’m not even sure he was done talking to me.  Granted, the man is a complete airhead but still….  come on, what the hell is wrong with people? 

He’s not the only one that does this, I just happen to see him this morning.  I was cranky and my son was acting like a beast so I was not in the mood for this crap. I did my best to bite my tongue and not say anything because, after all, we were in church.