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That’s about how I’ll sum up the weekend.  My husband has told me that time and time again and now it’s finally come to bite me in the ass.  I don’t need to tell every body everything.  But I do.  Why?

Remember I said to get attention from my husband I’ll do something that I know makes him uncomfortable.  It’s usually some dumb physical challenge of mind over matter.  This weekend I did a 5k race with my elementary running team and a half marathon on my own.  The 5k was no big deal.  The half was, or at least to my husband.

A few weeks ago while getting ready for work my husband was watching a morning news program.  They were talking about the upcoming segments and one was regarding pregnant women and running.  Apparently there was some new study out that showed it wasn’t as good for the mother-to-be and the fetus as we originally thought.  He only caught the preview and had to leave.  He called me wanting me to discuss it with my doctor before I did my next long run.  Following through with his concern, I called my doctor and asked.  I felt silly doing this because I had done my own research for hours on this and was unable to come up with anything.  Also, my doctor is very knowledgeable and the pure fact that he didn’t mention anything regarding my running (which he knew I did a lot of) was a bit odd.  BUT the husband was serious and I didn’t want to discount his concern.  After asking my doctor he picked up on my feeling uncomfortable about questioning his care, he asked where my husband received this information.  So I told him….”from Good Morning America or some sort of morning news show”.  Hint Hint – this is where I talk too much!!  I could have said, he read it in an article or someone had mentioned it in passing talking about a case (since either one of those sound much better then my husband putting stock in the morning gossip show and therefore making him sound a little “dumb”) but I didn’t.  I told him exactly where he thought he heard it and totally threw him under the bus.  Bad move.  It wasn’t intentional, it’s just how I operate.  I’m not very smart.  My doctor laughed and suggested he has more credible sources of information stating that it is indeed fine for me to continue with my long runs and he’ll provide me with more information at my next appt to ease  my husbands mind.  We both went to my next appt.  Doc showed up with pages of info for both of us and we all got a good laugh.  I mentioned to him that he wasn’t supposed to tell my husband I told him where he got this information from and that now I’ll be in trouble because  “I talk too much!”.  The doctor agreed that perhaps I should be in trouble for that reason and we really did get a good laugh out of it.  No harm, no foul.  Doctor goes over safe running rules and reminds me to keep my pace slow, stay hydrated, use my head, make smart decisions, not to run for my personal best time…  don’t be dumb.

Race day.  3 min before we start.  I’m 21 weeks pregnant.  A young kid reporter from the local paper sees me and asks to do an interview.  Fine, but make it fast. After asking a few random questions he asks about advice from my doctor.  I say something similar to the above….”know your limits, be smart, use your head, don’t be dumb.”  As we start to the race it dawns on me.  I talk way too much.  I think about this dumb interview throughout most of the race.  I am furious with myself and my husbands words “you talk too much” are racing through my head, increasing my pace.   I am so upset that I can hardly concentrate on what I need to be paying attention to.

I woke up this morning, frantically searched the online papers and found nothing.  So I thought, maybe it wasn’t newsworthy and felt a little better about life.  And then my phone text message alert sounded,  then facebook, then email…..  The article is only available in print.  I read the article and my worst fear about this whole mess is realized.  After a nice paragraph about me and my running, there, in lovely black print, “strong advice from her doctor, ‘use your head and don’t be dumb’ and I agreed ‘ I can do that'”  Not exactly what I might have said but a summary of it nonetheless.  My doctors name was not mentioned and unless you know me, you won’t know him.  But HE is capable of reading the paper.  He knows who this lovely “doctor” is in the quote and I’m sure our last conversation will be running through his head as he reads the paper “Damn, she does talk too much”.