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That was the title of the email I sent my husband this morning.  

In my previous post I dropped a hint (“you should really take your wife out for once…”) and I thought for sure he rolled his eyes at me and ignored it.  

Not two minutes after I hit send on the email the phone rang.  It was him telling me he forgot to ask my parents to take our kids for a night.  When I asked what we had going on he said he would take me out for my birthday (the night before because he so graciously invited people over for us to entertain for my birthday…..).  He said he knew I wasn’t very happy about that and since I had a gift certificate for a nice restaurant he thought we would go out. 

Nice.  So I do get to escape!!  And then this conversation starts….  he doesn’t understand why I feel so neglected and lonely.  I tell him that it seems like he takes everyone else out and I’m left home.  He tried to remind me of our cabin and times spent together with the kids.  To which I replied, “I’m lonely for my husband.  My kids see me plenty, they’ll be fine without me for one night.”  I tried to explain for the hundredth time that I WANT A HUSBAND!!  His reaction “whatever, call and see if they’ll take the kids.”  Ummmm…ok?

He thinks he does plenty because his plate is so full with being a Dad and working so much.  I don’t understand why me wanting a husband/companion is so selfish.