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I just want to go on a date.  Yes, a date.  At this point I don’t even care who it’s with!!  I don’t want to plan any part of it.  Although I’d arrange a babysitter but I don’t want any say in where we go, what we do.  I just want to be with someone (an adult male preferably!) that I don’t have to talk about kids, church or school.  I’m not sure what I’d talk about since that’s about all I know but I’d find something!!  

Ughhhhh……  my husband has been taking so many people out (work, related and not) that I just want to escape.  This last week he let me know the day before he was meeting an old co-worker out after for a drink to coach her on an upcoming interview.  If she gets this job it could mean great things for my husband office so it makes sense.  They met at a very nice restaurant that has a lounge as a part of it but separated from the eating part.  They were there for 4 hours!!  They never ate and when he got home he was annoyed because all there was a cereal.  It was almost 10pm and we all ate hours before that and he is capable of operating a microwave.  I had no idea coaching for an interview required that much time and if you are at a damn restaurant, why don’t you eat?  Order an appetizer at the very least right?  Whatever.  Anyway, back on topic.  The morning prior to this event I asked where they were going and he told me.  He’s taken me to this place once before and I loved it.  I mentioned that I have a gift certificate for this place and he should probably take his wife there.  I received ZERO response.  

My day-dreamy head and heart thinks he’s secretly planning a nice dinner for us there.  My reality head knows he rolled his eyes and will pretend he never heard me. *Sigh* I wish I didn’t have to do all of the work in this relationship.  But I’ll send him a message telling him if he doesn’t take his wife out, some place, some time soon, she’ll go by herself.  I’ll pretend that this will fix everything but in real life I’ll still be sad that I have to do everything.  Are men really that clueless about this stuff??  Or is it just mine?