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Back when my husband and I were young and in love, we used to go fishing a lot in the summer.  I love to fish and love it even more when I can lay out in a bikini, having a few cocktails and if the fish bite that’s even better.  We like to fish remote lakes so a lot of the time we are the only ones out there and that, well… leads to some activities that don’t involve fishing 🙂   Sex in the great outdoors, followed up by a jump in the lake to rinse off and cool off….. ahhhh the good ol’ days.  We used to have a bet that the first fish was guaranteed oral sex to completion for the winner.  We rarely made if off the lake without fulfilling that debt.  

It’s been a few years since we’ve been out on the lake, since we have small children.  Occasionally we’d find a babysitter and head out for the day but the cocktails have lessened and my bikini doesn’t fit like it used to.  Especially now!!  Regardless the bet is still in place.  A few weekends ago the kids wanted to spend the entire weekend fishing.  So out we went.  I caught the first fish every time.  It doesn’t matter how big the fish is, it’s the first fish and you can bet I jumped up and down like a school girl reeling in the smallest perch ever!!  Since the boy can’t fulfill his debt right then and there any more, I have banked 3 complete sessions 🙂