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We went on a date.  And all I did was arrange the child care and suggest a few places for dinner.  It was fantastic.  It was soooooooo needed.  We did dinner a nice but not fancy place. Neither of us have been there before.  That was my prerequisite.  I wanted no affiliations with work for him and me feeling like everyone was staring at us because he was there with “another woman”!  Dinner was great.  We sat and talked for an hour.  After the first half hour we both decided we could not talk about kids or work.  Which at first was a bit awkward since that’s all either of us know.  But it really didn’t take long to start into other things.  We decided to go to a movie as well.  It didn’t start for another hour at least and we weren’t sure what to do.  We got outside and it was a beautiful night.  We drove to a park to just sort of hang out for a bit.  That would have been a good idea but the second I leaned in for a quick thank you for dinner kiss we decided we needed more privacy.  The park was full of people.  That wasn’t going to happen.  My husband has too important of a job to be caught in the act in public, even if it is with his wife!  So we drove around to find a place with no people or video surveillance and had some amazing sex in the car like a bunch of damn teenagers!!  What the hell!??!?  

The movie was OK.  It was funny, predictable but we did enjoy it.  We got home, sent the babysitter on her way and jumped back in bed like haven’t seen each other in weeks.  Woke up exhausted & tired but happy.  We had a great day for my birthday despite having to entertain some friends.  He bought me the most beautiful hanging flower baskets for our front porch.  My daughter made me some wonderful birthday presents and my son asked me to make a cake for myself many times 🙂  Although I never did make myself a cake, they all surprised me with a huge bowl of cookies & cream ice cream and some candles.  

A great weekend and a husband who is trying so hard to keep it going.  Now for my end of the bargain.