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Where have I been?  I have no idea.  We went on vacation.  We spent a lot of time up at our cabin.  Lots of family time.  So much fun!  

NOW it’s time to get serious about this baby and get our work done.  I have 9 weeks left (give or take) and I’m pretty far behind.  We have no name, we don’t find out the gender, we have no infant car seat and my kids are still not moved into their new digs so there is room for this baby!  Damn it……

I’ve been having contractions every day for weeks now but they aren’t do anything.  I’m so uncomfortable and they hurt so bad I wish they were doing something.  But I’m also happy baby is still cooking.  I am wishing I felt better so I can enjoy this last pregnancy.  I have been, in all honesty.  Even though the pains.  I’m sad that it will be my last but know that I really don’t want any more children.  My hands are full and I do everything myself (for the most part) that I won’t be able to handle anymore.  It’s just sad this part of my life will be over.  Damn hormones!!  

The husband and I have been doing well.  He’s extremely stressed out at work and I’m doing my best to hold down the fort without him.  It’s hard.  We knew it was coming, which is why we spent so much time together in June and the beginning of July.  So I’m sucking it up and dealing with it.  Nothing can change it so….. onward and upward!