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It’s a song by Tim McGraw.  It’s old but I heard it the other day and I still love it.  Can’t figure it out but I always crank the radio when I hear it.  

After our day of child labor and my daughter having to finish all of our laundry I updated the husband on her progress.  He never responded.  Shocking.  When he finally came home from work she was actually proud of all of her work and ran to tell him about it.  She did fold everything and most of it was done very neatly but some things she just didn’t know how to do so she found her own way.  Much of it was nothing like I how do it but that wasn’t the point.  The point was she needed to get the work done as punishment and if it took her all morning of doing it while everyone else played, so be it.  

My husband is very anal about his clothes and how they are folded.  I am not.  Upon opening up his wardrobe he was livid at his uneven stacks and sloppy sock piles.  I reminded him that his daughter, who just told him how proud she was of her work, folded his stuff.  He then told me she was no longer allowed to fold his laundry, only me, because he can’t live like a pig.  Awesome.  I suggested he just be happy his shit was even folded at all.  Perhaps if he did his own, he wouldn’t care so much about neat stacks of white undershirts and carefully folded socks.  But he’s much too important to be doing his own laundry. WTF ever.  I’m surprised I didn’t kick him in the face.

The next discussion as we were going to bed was how our daughter needed more manual labor to get her to appreciate things.  She’s 5.  OK… my thought was chores around the house??  Nope.  He suggested finding a horse farm (because she loves horses) for her to go to and help out at.  Ummmm…..  last I checked there wasn’t a big market for 5 year old wranglers.  Then he suggested that I go with her and help out at one with her.  Are you fucking kidding me???  I’m due in 7 God Blessed weeks and have no time to do all of the crap around our own house (to which he constantly complains about) and now I’m supposed to go work at some freaking horse farm with our 5 year old to teach her a lesson????  I about fell out of bed and kindly suggested that we have enough work around our own house to keep her busy.  He was upset with me because I refused his idea.  But come on……  seriously. 

It took me hours to falls asleep.  Hours.  He woke up pissed off and I just went back to sleep.  I seriously can’t win with him and there are many days I’d rather just give up trying then go on.  But, onward and upward.