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So my daughter has been nothing but a spoiled, entitled, brat lately.  The attitude she has is one I expect her to have 10 years from now.  Not now.  It’s awful.  I’ve done everything I could think of to get her to turn it around and nothing is working.  It makes me feel awful.  I long from a strong relationship with her because I never had one with my mom.  I hate that she hates me and I hate being the overly bad cop ALL of the time.  I look for little moments during the day where is does something right.  Anything at all…. just something so I can hug her and show her that I really am happy.  I just doesn’t happen.  

I didn’t know what else to do so I enacted upon child labor.  My kids don’t have set “chores” around the house.  I’m not even sure how to start them doing something.  Anyway, I had massive amounts of laundry from vacation.  All clean but none folded.   I had already taken everything but her bed and a few clothes out of her room so I loaded her room with laundry baskets, got her up at 6:15am and told her to start folding.  5 baskets in all she did.  By 8:15 she was done.  She told me she never wanted to fold laundry again but she never complained the entire time.  She just did it.  I thanked her, we talked briefly and she went about her day.

After another rough afternoon and 2 more loads of laundry for her to fold, she’s doing much better.  Yesterday was a good day.  We talked about it a lot and we are back on track.  She no longer hates me for making her do the work and “might” be starting see how she is in control of her own actions & words.  (She blames everyone else for ‘making’ her say and do sassy things…. ummmmm nope.) 

I was feeling pretty good about myself…  if only for a short time!