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We are desperately trying to come up with names for this baby and failing miserably.  I am now 6 weeks away from my due date and we have nothing.

Last night I did something I swore I’d never do.  I posted possible girl names on a baby name forum to see what people thought of them.  These were two girl names that each of us picked out.  My husband was insistent on one of them and I was just OK with it.  The other was my choice and I’m wasn’t sure I really liked it.  Before I went to bed I put it out there and asked for opinions.  I got up this morning and I had 26 comments.  ALL were horrible!!  No one thought the names we picked out were girls names at all.  Just about everyone said they couldn’t understand why we would pick such masculine names for a girl.  Now, they were more “boyish” then “girlish” but I thought they might be cute.  Apparently not for those 26 Moms and the comments they left were pretty brutal.  I knew I would get some negative feedback but to have every single comment be so mean??  I was sort of shocked.  I don’t know these people and will never meet them in real life so I really don’t care what they say to me.  However, after reading them this morning I’m thinking we are back at square one.  On the other hand, am I going to let 26 people, whom I’ve never met and never will, have that great of an impact on the name of my child??  I don’t know what to do.  I’m terrified to tell my husband that we need to completely start over with names because of this.   His reaction is going to be more hateful then the mean girls on the baby name board.