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It’s not often I ask for help from people.  I’m a pretty independent person.  I probably should ask for help more often but for whatever reason I feel like I should be able to take care of myself.  I just feel like I’d be bothering already busy people or they are just asking to be nice but don’t really “want” to help.  (Gosh, I have issues!)

There are few things more frustrating then when people offer to help and back out last minute.  It’s happened to me so much.  It’s no wonder I would just rather do things myself.  This week was supposed to be one where my own mother would come and help me get ready for a garage sale this weekend.  Our basement was FULL of random junk that we’ve collected over the years and it needs to be gone.  We designated this week/weekend to do this.  Being so pregnant I needed help getting all of the items up to the garage.  This is where my mother comes into play.  Also as a a part of this, I needed an extra set of eyes on my children so between the two of us we could accomplish both.  We are 3 days into the week and she’s been here a total of 1 hour.  She’s made other plans and blamed my father for the one actually making them.  It’s soooooo frustrating.  

After talking with my husband and him unleashing about his less then smart associates we decided that we should pick up, move as far away as possible and start over.  While that is a huge decision and not one to be made in haste, it does sound like a pretty good idea.  We’ll figure it out.  

Both sets of parents insist they are there to help us out if we would just let them know what we need.  But when asked, and they agree to help, something always comes up and they bail on us.  It’s usually more my Mother-In-Law then my own mother but recently she’s proving to be just as reliable.  Our thought process is if we moved away, we wouldn’t have anyone we knew to help us out and thus couldn’t be disappointed!  I’d have to abandon all of my current responsibilities with church and school and life would be so much easier.  It’s so tempting….