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I had an amazing talk with my rockin’ doc yesterday.  He’s been so helpful during this rocky road pregnancy.  I’ve been having contractions since week 28 I believe.  Some have been awful, some have been not so bad.  Regardless they are very inconsistent and up until now have not been making any progress.  He was very frustrated with me at first because I should be calling in and getting checked for pre-term labor when they were as bad as they were but I knew (mother’s intuition) they weren’t anything to worry about.  Also, I didn’t want to rack up the medical bills will all of this false alarm business.  Not to mention that I need to find someone to watch my kids for an undetermined amount of time while I sit in a hospital bed, hooked up to monitors only to confirm the fact that things are fine and 6 hours later I’m discharged in the same condition I went in as.  

Yesterday I was his last patient of the day.  Naturally that put me an hour behind my actual appointment but I didn’t care.  I’ve been having so many bad contractions lately that I was actually excited for him to check me.  1-2 cm dilated!  Progress!!  The not cool part is he thinks this baby is going to be a big one.   Great.  I like to go natural with my births and my first child was well over 9lbs so… I’m not looking forward to that!  But big babies are generally easier to care for so I am hoping the temporary labor/birth pain will pay off in the end when he/she is eating better and sleeping better then most newborns!!  At least that was the case with my daughter 🙂

The down side of this whole mess is my husband is traveling a whole hell of a lot this next month.  I’m going to be surprised if he makes it to the birth actually.  So much that I’m thinking of actually asking an someone to be my back up labor coach.  This is odd for me…   I don’t have a clue who I would ask to come with??  I’d love to tell my husband not to travel very far but his work demands it and when everything still 4 weeks out (potentially) I don’t have much to say about it.  My OB & I joked about it yesterday that I’ll probably be texting him the birth announcement!  Although that is funny now, I’m not sure how much I’ll be laughing if it comes down to that.  

Also….. Frank.   Well, I did see him.  Icy blue eyes and all.  It was so wonderful to see him since I feel like we both just fell apart after last weeks meeting.  I had no idea he was at this new office so much.  I was actually thinking that I wasn’t going to run into him because 1 – I never saw his truck in the parking lot when I got there.  2 – I was there WAY later in the day then any other time.  3 – I didn’t think he had any other business at this new place and I just needed to drop something off quickly before my appt.  

He greeted me openly and his icy blues stared right back into mine.  Damn him.  I was able to maintain composure and mentioned I was on my way to my doctor appointment.  He complimented me on how well I looked for 36 weeks and even though my feet resemble shrek and my hands are like a fat man’s…..  I thanked him.  He wasn’t sure he’d need to be at this office any longer so this could be it for a while.  He would like to know when the baby is born and that we are all healthy so…  that’s nice.  Perhaps I can bcc him on the birth announcement?!  

Regardless, yesterday was a great day and I feel blessed to have these people in my life.  As messed up as they all are!!