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My baby girl has arrived 🙂  She was HUGE (explains my size).  She tipped the scales at almost 10 lbs.  Can you say ouch?  I felt every oz of that child.  Damn.  

I arrived at the hospital at 6am ready to go.  Dilated to 4 cm with contractions very irregular.  My husband was there with me.  He helped me get set up and promptly assumed his position in the chair next to my bed while the nurses hooked up the monitors.   He was so nervous.  He drowned himself in work to pass the time.  My doctor arrived about 6:30am to verify our plan and to make sure I knew what I was doing.  I don’t go into these things with a “birth plan” per say.  My wishes are always the same:  -1- natural as possible -2- keep me mobile -3- intervene when medically necessary.  All nurses and my doctor understood and my husband just agreed because he knows better!  The doc broke my water at 7;45am and we were happy to have super clear fluid.  I was 10 days past due so he was expecting to see the meconium staining but I was good to go!  Ha!  Score one for me because I’m the one who was holding out this long.  The rest of them disagreed with me wanting to stick it out to the end.  Anyway….  once they had some good stats on me and baby I was off to the races.  The husband and I whipped a few laps as fast as we could in between monitor stops.  Things were definitely rolling.  About 10 am the contractions were finally starting to feel worse then they were at home.  About 10:30am we decided the hot laps were needing to end.  We hung out in the room.  And then the best part of my labor started.  And this is no joke.   My doctor (because I’ve said I loved this man, more then once!) came in on his day off just for me.  JUST FOR ME.  I was his only patient.  He hung out in our room and didn’t leave until me and baby were cleaned up and doing great.  He watched HGTV with us because there was nothing else on.  He talked with my husband and I for that entire hour until I delivered.  I was incredibly awesome to have him there the entire time.   It made me nervous at first because I knew I was going to be in some good amount of pain and having him there the entire time watching my every move was nerve wracking….  But he actually made me feel better.  We joked a bit, he talked with my husband a whole lot and he was pretty good at reading my facial expressions.  At one point him and my husband were talking so much that all of sudden he just told me to let them know when I felt like pushing.  Really?!?!  And then the time came.  I finally told the boys their fun was over and this baby was ready to come out.  They all got ready, broke down the bed, assumed the positions and we started.  I was not completely dilated but baby girl was causing all sorts of pressure I just wanted her out.  Doc agreed that she was close enough for me to give her a good push to get rid of the rest of the cervix.  I gave her one good push and that was done.  The next good push resulted in me not wanting to go on any further.  It was probably my worst moment in the whole delivery.  The pressure was so intense that I felt as though I was going to explode if she didn’t come out at that very moment.  I started to panic.  I couldn’t breath, I wanted to puke, I needed a drink and I just wanted to be put out of my misery.  I got a drink and at some point he just told me to take a break.  I had no idea I could even do that.  I had about 30 seconds of pure relaxation.  Out of nowhere.  It was amazing.  I had my eyes closed the whole time, focusing all of my energy on getting this baby out and just when I didn’t think I could possibly go on, he brought me through it.  His voice was all I heard from all of the commotion in the room and my husband by my side.  I was surreal.  30 seconds later the pressure was beyond anything I’ve ever felt and I knew this was it.  My nurse told me to bare down, open up the hips and give it everything I had.  Sure enough after the hardest push of my life I felt the head and another for the shoulders and she was out.  I’m telling you there is no better feeling then the feeling you have immediately after that kid is out.  Seriously, it’s the best feeling in the world.  All of the pain and pressure is done.  Done. Done. Done.  I always start laughing at that point because I’m so freaking happy and relieved.  It always take them by surprise and I just can’t help it.  My husband is ready to cry he’s so happy and I’m laughing!  After coming out ready to nurse before the cord was even cut…..  my big girl was here.  They took her away to get cleaned up, weighed and then it was just the good doc and I left at the bed for him to fix my girl parts.  And they were ripped up.  Damn it.  We joked the entire time he fixed me back up.  The poor med student had no idea what to think.   

In the end it was the perfect birth.  I loved every minute of it.  i’m happy it’s over because it hurt like a mo fo!!  But it was very special.  Probably the most of the 3.  

The doc paid me a visit the next morning and all he could say is that he was impressed, amazed and in all of his births, this is one for the books for him.  I’m proud of what my body is able to do and to have him express that to me made me feel great.  He spent a little time with me that morning and It was nice of him to do what he did for me.  

I’ll be forever grateful to him for making my last labor and delivery the most memorable one yet.  He’ll probably never know how much he means to me and my family for being who he is and for being the best, most compassionate doctor I’ve ever had.