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I’m continuing to work on being my true self.  I have to say, it might be working.  I have a husband who seems to be trying.  He actually called me every day this week to see how I was doing even though he’s been very busy at work.  I’m sure he does think about me at some point during the day but I never know it.  He’s usually so crabby and angry when he gets home so I assume there is no time or need for me to cross his mind.  A simple phone call to ask how I’m doing means the world to me 🙂  

He’s been helping out with little things at home.  Simple things like actually putting his dishes in the dishwasher and starting it when it’s full.  I know…  I shouldn’t be so excited about this but I am!  He’s been supportive of me needing to do nothing but care for this baby and when everything else gets left undone, he doesn’t sigh or say things that make me feel incapable of doing this.  I also went to the gym this week.  Alone.  He stayed with the kids so I could leave for a few hours to regroup.  Awesome.

He’s even starting to be more honest with me when it comes to how he’s feeling.  I’m floored.  He’s Mr. Macho that doesn’t discuss feelings….  Perhaps there is something to this “true self” business.  I’m still not the best at it.  I still need to remind myself to say what I need to say and say it without being brutal or sarcasm.  But I can say that this is the best I’ve felt about myself in a long time.