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I’m mid hunting/working husband is never home madness…………..  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………  I wish that made me feel better.  He came home today.  He immediately asked me if I left the kids with my parents because he needed a “release”.  Ummmmmm OK.  I’m still semi broken but with the right protection, I’d give it a whirl.  It’s been wayyyyy too long anyway.  But I really don’t need child #4 so…. yeah.  Whatever.  I had already arranged with the boy to be home so I could go for a run.  A much needed run.  (For the record, I made it 5 miles.  Score!!)  I returned from the run to child #2 meeting me at the door, child #1 playing her iPad and the boy and child #3 were sleeping on the couch.  Interesting.  He woke up and reminded me of my wifely duties for the night.  I’m thrilled….*sarcasm at it’s finest*.   There is nothing that turns me on more than him, fresh home from hunting, not showered, and hung over.  Ugh.  Not going to happen dear boy.  I got the kids food, fed the baby and the boy went to bed.  At some point the went from happy to be home to miserable.  The kids were happy to see him and so was I.  We were all happy and bam….  flipped the switch and miserable took over.  

I took care of the kids with few exceptions and put them to bed.  He slept on the chair and finally went to bed.  2 hours before we normally go to bed.  Baby was still up and very cranky.  He’s been in bed 3 hours now and I’m still dealing with said baby.

It’s such a toss up on when he’s going to be happy and when he’s going to be miserable.  Now I know I wasn’t jumping up and down at his “offer” when I got home but I don’t think that means we need to ruin the night.  I would have fulfilled said offer if he wouldn’t have been such a crank.  But I’m not going to give in to this.

Now baby is still crying, 3 hours later, his hung over ass is still in bed and I want to go to sleep.  Not going to happen.  I would like to return to that peaceful feeling I had when I walked into church this morning.