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This made me sad 😦  Friday night was family movie night at my daughter’s school.  My little guy has been stuck with “the girls” (myself and his sisters) for days.  Little to no daddy time.  He’s BEGGING for some boy time.  The husband said he wasn’t going to go.  I asked him to stay with the baby so I could take the older kids and not have to worry about picking everyone up half way through because she was crying.  Nope.  He said he couldn’t lift her (vasectomy the day prior) so he couldn’t stay with her.  OK fine.  I’ll figure it out.  The older kids were looking forward to it so much and I wasn’t going to tell them we couldn’t go but that we would try it and leave if we needed.  The baby only fussed once and I was able to calm her quickly so we did get to stay for the entire movie.  The sad part is my little guy was so desperate for some boy time that he left his sister’s side (and her 3 girlfriends) and went to sit by a group of older boys that he didn’t even know.  He grabbed his blanket, popcorn & water and plopped himself right in the middle of them.  It was rather cute.  They didn’t tell him to leave but they did give him a few looks.  After a while he decided he was done with them and asked for Mr G (remember him?!) and wanted to sit by him for the rest of the movie.  Mr G was been wonderful with my little dude as he can see that he’s needing some boy time a lot as of late and he knows my husband is NEVER home.  I had to explain that Mr G needed to go home to his wife and little boy.  This brought tears to my little dude’s eyes.  He said he just wanted some boy time and Mr. G said he would be there.  Well, Mr G was there but made a quiet escape.  Little dude was so sad.  I tried to snuggle him but he said it wasn’t the same 😦

After the movie we packed up and went home and the older kids were very excited to see their dad since it’s been a few days.  We came home to an empty house.  I calmly put the kids to bed, wiped their tears and kissed them goodnight.  Where is Daddy is a question I get often and I always have a response.  This time I did not.  He said he would be home and he wasn’t.  I called (again, the first time many hours before this went unanswered).  I text him.  I received nothing.  I was mildly concerned because he would usually respond with a text at some point.  9pm he rolls in the garage and was very crabby.  I asked what happened and suddenly everything that ever went wrong was my fault.  I asked why he didn’t respond and he said he didn’t think it was necessary.  

So I did what any good and pissed off wife would do…. I threw salt in those wounds.  I let him know his kids went to bed in tears because he wasn’t home and I didn’t have an answer as to where he was and I was NOT going to lie about it.  I let him know his little man was so much in need of boy time that he tried to find comfort in a group of 10 year old boys whom he did not know and when that didn’t work he wanted to snuggle up with Mr G.  Yes, Mr G.  Turns out I’m not the only one wanting boy time.