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My extended family means well.  They really do.  But I can’t stand the amount of crap they “give” me.  Seriously every time I visit someone has something for me or the kids and it’s always junk.  I swear they go through their house and find items they no longer want and decide to give them to me.  They don’t want it but they never throw it away so they just decide I should have it.  Here is what I’ve been given in the past month:

1.  a fiber optic angel.  it’s hideous.  

2.  a dying poinsettia plant

3.  a string of plastic candy ornaments

4.  broken ornaments (antiques)

I tried telling my Mom that I don’t want anything.  I don’t need anything but it doesn’t resonate.  She still accepts items from people and gives them to me.  It’s making me crazy.  I’ve donated all of it.  Except the plant.  That I’m throwing away.  So at least I’m getting the tax write off but still..  I hardly think that is their motive!  

Here a short list of past items:

1.  used granny panty undies.  Got them from my Great Aunt for my wedding.  

2.  old, very old, summer clothing to wear while I garden (nope…  not going to happen)

3.  napkin rings for children’s linen napkins (seriously….  you must be joking.  My kids can’t hardly handle normal, paper napkins)

4.  books with very disturbing endings for kids

5.  a tea set

I could go on and on with this useless list but I’ll save that for another day.  I am starting to feel like the junk collector of my family.  I’m going to start keeping this stuff and wrapping it up for them for Christmas!