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I had probably one of the more interesting conversations with my husband recently.  We were talking about our seemingly failing marriage.  We went nostalgic for a minute and tried to figure out how, where, when things started going wrong for us.   In this we went through some fun memories.  It brought us up-to-speed on how we made some of the more difficult decisions in our life.

I’ve always known my husband to be a “list” type person.  He loves to check things off.  He’ll make a list of things to do with items he’s already done (if it pertains), just to check it off.  I laugh at the nonsense of it every time.  If it’s done prior to the list, why put it on there?  Regardless if there is no physical list you can bet he has one just as pretty in his head!  After he’s completed an item its done.  It no longer requires resources of any kind; no thoughts, nothing.  Like it never existed.  He remembers that he’s completed it but beyond that its gone forever.

On his “to do list” was to become an eagle scout, graduate high school, get an undergrad from a division one university and complete graduate school.  He was Marine and there were various goals that went along with that.  Each item had a little box next to it waiting to be checked off.  After that he added:  get a successful job, find a good woman, get married, get a house, have kids, establish various financial accounts, buy hunting land, etc……  Can you see where this is going?

He put a check mark next to the “get married” item.  He worked to get me.  He got me.  We got married.  CHECK

Moving on to the next item on the list.  He can’t handle putting an item on his list that will never be checked off:   “stay married”.  He only works on items on his list.  He’s trying to detail it a bit more.  Thankfully.  As am I.

I heard another quote that I have no idea who said it (so a little help if you know it, please)  “Only the good eggs are hard to crack.”  No shit….