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Enough of the bad things about my relationship with my husband.

We went to an event the other night.  It was with some friends but it was mostly business.  We were awesome.  I felt like his wife.  I know that’s odd to say.  But he treated me like he wanted me there and he wasn’t afraid I’d ramble on about kids to the first person who asked “so do you have any children?”  It was a good time.  It was so refreshing.

Here are the good things or the things that have me hanging on and looking forward to more good times.

  1. He’s smart.  Extremely book smart. He knows his stuff.  He can have a conversation about just about anything with anyone.  He rarely enjoys it but it’s nice to be among educated people and have them impressed with your husband.  Makes me proud.
  2. He’s good looking.  He’s been mistaken for Adam Levine more times than I want to admit.
  3. He’s successful.
  4. He is an incredible Dad.  His kids mean so much to him.  I can always count on him when it comes to the kids.  Always.
  5. He doesn’t quit.  I know he loves me and I know he wants us to work.

So it’s not a complete list and in no particular order but it’s what came to mind while only giving myself a few minutes to list them.

Right now he’s traveling and he called me from a bar he used to go to when he was in college.  This.has.never.happened.before.  He called me to tell me happy date night.  He is staying at the hotel next door and wanted to watch the game tonight.  He went there to have a drink and watch it.  And he called me on our normal date night.  I was shocked.  I almost didn’t know what to say.  We’ve even had some flirty texting.  Again.  This.has.never.happened.

I’m looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night.  Until then I’ll drink my wine alone and wait for the “ding” of my phone.