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I called. I’m scheduled.

I asked how the process works.  Apparently since we are able to have open and honest communications on our own we need to go in together right away.  I booked it.  I cowardly came out of hiding & asked the husband to keep the date & time open.  He wasn’t thrilled about both of us going in.  He thought it was just me wanting to do this and he would come in at a later time….  maybe.  The lady thought otherwise.

I apologized for it all but he said I didn’t need to be sorry.  Exhausted I went to bed.  Apparently I fell asleep immediately.

I have a giant pit in my stomach.

After a weekend of holiday parties & being away from the kids I thought he would want to be home tonight.  I got a phone call asking to stay out for a while to have a few drinks.  Who am I to say no?  He said he would be home an hour ago.  This was the reason the pit was forming in my stomach.