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We talked.  We talked about life and it’s biggest problems.

We listened.  We listened to each other.

He is finding out some additional information for me.  He said if I didn’t hear from him to remind him.  The only way to do so is to call.

I called him.  I was very nervous.  I tried to leave him a message.  It didn’t work.

He sent me a text today.  This is new.  A whole new form of communication for us.

He let me know he’s left himself a note so he wouldn’t forget about me yet asked for me to remind him if it’s been a while.  He acknowledged my call.  He asked me to call or text if I needed him for anything else.

I just about fell over.  I am so thankful for our friendship.  He has me feeling over the moon.

Of course I text him back.  I thanked him for his interest and his help.  My message didn’t require a response.  I do look forward to our new style of communication.