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You can’t help how you feel.  You can’t help what you feel.  Events happened and your feelings for each other changed over time.  It wasn’t intentional.  I just happened.

Do you want to feel how you used to feel?  Do you want to love me how you used to love me?

I know you can’t right now and that’s okay.  I can’t love you how I used to love you either.

I still want you.  I still need you.  I still love you.  It’s changed.  But it’s not wrong.  It’s just different.  I still have passion for you.

We can’t take back what was said or done.  We can move on.  It’s not easy.  It’s not fast.  It took us years to get here, it will probably take us years to get back.  It can be done if you choose that.

Do you want to choose me?  Make a decision and run with it.  Run with it like every other decision you’ve made.  Don’t say yes and than sit.  That got us here.  We both did it.  I’m running with it.  Please follow me.