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It’s been a strange few days.  Good I think.  Maybe not.  Last week I had lunch with my sister-in-law.  She works for my husband.  I’ve had a sense of a shift in something at the office but I don’t have any concrete reasoning for any of it.  Just noticed a shift.  My sister-in-law alluded to the same thoughts I had.  I didn’t bring it up.  She’s very easily biased and swayed in her beliefs.  I decided to keep my thoughts to myself.  My husband had lunch with his mother.  I talked to her not long after for something and she also had some of these similar thoughts.  I opened up a small amount but not much in saying I was thinking something similar but had no reason for it.

I am getting a sense that the plans are continuing to move the mistress/work wife on to other things.  Which means getting her ass out of that office and in to a different job where she can latch on to someone else & destroy their lives.  It’s just a feeling I’ve been getting and now my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are sensing the same.  I’ve not mentioned anything to my husband nor will I.

Late in the week last week he was feeling very down.  He said he was struggling.  I don’t feel like I am doing enough to encourage him but at the same time he’s made it clear that I need to back out of his business and let him run it.  So I’m not sure how to be there for him, when he clearly needs it, yet still back off.  So I told him as such.  “I don’t feel like I’m being a very encouraging wife.  I’m not trying to fix what you are struggling with but I just feel like I am being forced to be in adequate.  I am doing my best to be respectful of the boundary you put in place.  If you do want to talk about any of it or vent, know that I am available to you.  I’m just trying to carry out your wishes.”  At first he was defensive and saying that I was trying to fix him.  I reassured him I was not trying to fix him.  I was just saying that if he was wanting to talk about any of it but didn’t because I didn’t bring it up, it’s because I doing what he asked.  He gave a small “huh…” almost as if trying to understand and we left it at that.