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The support this man gives me in my time of need is completely amazing.  A simple text and I am in tears.  My heart will be hurting from indecision and emotional abandonment and out of nowhere he steps in.

I think a lot about the people I find myself having relationships with.  Relationships that hold meaning and purpose.  The lady that watches the kids at the grocery store.  The nurse in my doctors office.  My doctor, himself.  An old co-worker that I barely talked to while we worked together.  All of these seemingly random people are all connected to me through different ways but have such a tremendous impact on my life.  I’ve never once sought after so much as a friendship with any of them, yet all are in my corner during this most difficult time and for all different reasons.  Furthermore, I find myself wondering how life would be more difficult without them.  I think it’s why you just have to be kind to everyone.  God walks them into your life and makes your paths cross for a reason.

A few weeks back I sent him a text stating that we are about to make some big decisions in our marriage and asked if his prayer list had an opening for me.  His response, “Always”.  That’s it.  That was all I needed.

Last night making dinner.  One our entire family was excited about.  I heard the message hit my phone but didn’t bother to check it until after we were done.  “I just wanted to let you know that you and [husband] are in my prayers.”  I was thinking all day how stressed I was from my father and my marriage.  I have some health issues that flare with stress and they are getting worse.  I was wondering how much more my body was going to be able to take.  And then I get this, “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle.  I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.” ~Mother Tereasa   My point exactly, sir.