My head is such a mess.

I hate being stuck in the middle mess.  Try as I may to just let it all go and roll with the tide…  ugh.

The husband and I are doing OK at best.  We did lunch on Wednesday and it was bland.  Forced.  My ovarian cysts are exploding these days so I am in a lot of pain & quite miserable to be around so it’s no wonder I don’t feel the love.  At all.

Yesterday I started feeling better.  I actually ran in the morning and after the babes was down for a nap I took a shower.  The husband got home earlier than I expected.  He took a quick shower to get out to the woods to hunt.  Turns out we both decided it was the perfect time to physically connect.  It was sort of just sex for the most part.  He’s getting more into it and so am I.  It just takes time and the right circumstances.  Either way it was just what I needed to keep going.  Not real sure about him.

Today I feel better.  I have a lot of stuff to talk about with him over a few glasses of wine so I’m excited for tonight.  I just sort of want to keep the ball rolling in the right direction.  I know something will always come up and try and knock us off course.   Just trying to plow through this middle mess yet.