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It’s rare that I go looking for quotes or phrases.  I usually just come across them.  Some I just like.  Some are helpful and inspiring.  Some make me thing.  All have struck a chord in some manner.  Enjoy!

“Life is hard.  The truth is, what your spouse does may very well irritate you until the day you die.  The good part is:  you die.” ~Mark Gunger

“People who constantly avoid conflict are the very people who seem to always face it.” ~Mark Gunger

“You can work hard on your marriage, but not work smart.  When you don’t work smart, your efforts can actually make things worse.” (not sure there was a name attached to this one)

“As subversive as it sounds to people, romantic feelings are nowhere near central to, or critical for a happy marriage. ~Mark Gunger

“If everywhere you look there is a problem.  Guess what?”

“Ladies…. Just in case you are confused.  God will never send you someone else’s husband.”  (obviously this goes both ways!!!)

“Just because your pain is understandable, doesn’t mean your behavior is acceptable. ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

“Men make terrible girlfriends.” ~Mark Gunger

“If you are controlled or governed by your fickle feelings, you are setting yourself up for a rough ride.” ~Mark Gunger