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Yep.  I’m doing it.  The pain of dealing with her smug ass still in that office is too much to bare.  That and now he’s so over worked that he needs her there to do the work for a while yet as he can’t keep up.  He’s moved her to the basement instead of being right next to him.  He’s said he is far passed that relationship and it’s the biggest mistake he’s ever made.  He’s asked her to stop coming into his office to use his stuff.  He has to communicate with her for work but says it is never beyond that.  I trust him.  I really do.  But it’s her.  She is making herself cozy over there because now she knows he needs her help.  Yep…..  my life is dependent upon her.  I don’t think so.  I don’t care how much I need to work to make ends meet.  I’ll be damned if her smiling shit face is going to be needed by my family.  End of the year.  She goes or I go.  Clients or no clients.  It’s been 8 damn months since she was asked to find a new job.  She’s had 1 interview.  One.