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A few weeks ago I told my story to a former co-worker of my husband and his work wife/other woman.  We used to talk a lot when she worked for my husband but haven’t really been an any sort of direct contact for almost a year since she left his office.  We are FB friends.  Her former boyfriend is installing new windows in my house.  So….  I guess I we have a few ways to communicate but not really.

I’ve been struggling with the fact that neither him or HER have ever dealt with the professional consequences of their affair.  I was and am so tired of protecting him from that pain and humiliation of such an act.  He doesn’t think anyone knows, but they’ve all suspected.  He has a HUGE awe of self issue and his image is everything.  He’s portrayed himself as a man of integrity and his work is top notch.  This definitely puts a dent in that image.  But it’s not my fault.  I didn’t make that choice.  He did.  I have no intention of doing any more damage then what is already done.  But the fact of the matter remains, it will get out.  It will be made known.  I can hardly stand the hiding and walking on eggshells.  It’s exhausting.  And for what??  He moved out.  He left.  He wants a divorce.  All his choices. How does all of this stay a secret??

He doesn’t want it all to be made known but it is.  It’s out there.  Nothing more to do then just move on.  I think the best part of it all will be SHE will finally see his reaction to their affair to others.  She is still trying to wait it out to make her move with him.  He doesn’t want anything to do with it.  But he’ll never tell her that because she does a lot of work for him.  If he disrupts that thought she might do all of this work and he’ll loose a big part of the firm income.  Well….  sorry.  I’m not sorry.  He’ll be on to bigger and better things when she’s finally out the door. It’s a fact.  Jack.