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It’s been a long time my friends.  A really. long. time.  I spent almost one year living with my husband post affair confession.  We separated.  He moved out.  Mostly because I just could not get over him not removing her from his office.  He runs the place.  He has the power to do it.  He did try.  She didn’t leave.  He refuses to deal with it.  He says it couldn’t be more over.  He regrets the entire thing.  He feels nothing for her.  She brings in some business and does her job really well.  That’s all he cares about.  He just wants to move on & run his business the way he wants without regard for our relationship.  She’s still a snake.  Her husband is divorcing her.  She never told him about having to get a different job.  He actually called me one day and now we actually work on the same floor at the hospital.  Odd…. But anyway, he told me of the really good jobs she passed up to stay in my husband’s office.  So, yeah, we separated.  Told the kids. Destroyed their lives.  And here I am.

Three weeks ago he told me he’s so happy with his new arrangements that he wants a divorce so I can move on to someone better.  He says I have so much to offer someone that I deserve to be with someone who can appreciate me.

I don’t even know what any of that means.  In the meantime my 8 year old daughter is destroyed to the point of not sleeping & having eating pattern changes.  She cries any time I mention that there are 4 of us now and not 5.  (Like when I request a table for 4 at a restaurant.)  My 6 year old son has turned into the kindergarten teacher’s nightmare.  My 2 year old only knows she has 2 houses and 2 beds.  She will never know what it is like to live in a house with a mom and a dad.

Money and power are evil tools of Satan.  I will post more about where I am as an individual and how I am handling all of the above.  I’ve had an incredible transformation and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.